Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some Day...

Some day John and I WILL have two yellow labs:) and yes, one will be a girl and the other will be a boy so we can have puppies of our own to sell and make some other family just as happy as we'll be when we some day are proud owners of our precious labs. Some day can't come soon enough. So until it comes I will continue looking up pictures of yellow labs on the internet:)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hard At Work

I've never met anyone like my husband before. John is such a stud muffin and he's been blessed with a gigantic brain! He is the type that can sit down and study for hours at a time with little breaks in between. When he studies, he really studies. He loves to check out a room at the library for a few hours and he goes to town on the white board with all sorts of chemistry that doesn't make sense to me. He sent me a picture message today and I knew it was going to be a picture of his master piece since it's test time...

When I saw this I couldn't help but smile because I know how much of a hard worker John is and how happy he gets when he understands chemistry haha. I'm so proud of him and his dedication he has for doing well in school. I love the smart nerdy side to my handsome husband. He's amazing! I know all of his hard work will pay off! 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Sweet Lover Boy!!

I have the greatest husband ever. John is by far the best. I'm so lucky that I get to be with him forever! He is the most loving, positive, sweet, caring, determined, and smart boy that I know. I never hear him complain with all that he has going on in his life right now. He is a reminder to me to always be happy because he is so happy! I am so in love with him:) I came home from work Friday evening and opened the door to this...

It made my day! I loved coming home to this. When we were dating he would always bring me roses or write me sweet little notes and I got both in the same night:) He definitely knows how to make me smile. I just love him so much. You're so amazing John Varner!!! 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Living the Life as a Varner

I love being a Varner. I know some people don't like their new last name after being married, but I love mine! Abbigail Varner... It sounds perfect to me:) I have officially been a Varner for two months now. It's amazing how fast time has gone. It feels like we've been in a whirl wind since being married. John had to get right back into school after we got home from our honeymoon because finals were right around the corner for him, I went back to work, we were moving into our new place, it all just happened so fast. We really have had so much fun these past two months though. Christmas break was just what we needed. We were able to spend time together as a married couple since John wasn't hitting the books hard. It was a blast! After the break was over it was back to real life, but we're still having so much fun now that we are really settled into our own little place:) Here are some pictures of what's gone on during these past two months. Lots has happened so there are lots of pictures:) enjoy...

Our first Christmas tree!! The weekend before finals started John finally gave into my wants about a getting a tree and spared some time to go pick one out. It was perfect! 

Bringing it in the house.

Getting it ready to decorate.

We bought our decorations at Walmart haha we plan on adding more and more each year. This is just the beginning of what our trees will look like.


 John is such a sweet heart. The Satruday after his finals he cooked a huge breakfast just because he wanted to:) He's a much better cook than I am. One day I will be just as good as him!

John spoiled me for my birthday! Look what he bought me. I wasn't expecting it at all. It'll keep me company while John is studying late.

Christmas Eve. Sitting on Santa's lap, getting our presents.

Lucky us! Santa was too generous!

Picture by my Aunt Jodie's pretty tree! Ours will look like that one day.

Christmas morning.

Santa spoiled us again.

At the temple for Jake and Alexa's wedding, our upstairs neighbors.

John's really good at making ginger bread houses. Ha I helped out a little bit:)

He's too artistic for his own good! 

Horse ride up Long Hollow. 

It was so cold!

All bundled up:)

John turned 23 woo woo! I love shopping for him!

He had a basketball game the night of his birthday so I tried to make his birthday as special as I could. I think it turned out perfect!

These past two months have been such an adventure. I've loved ever minute of it. I know these up coming months and years are going to bring many more adventures and I can't wait for them. I'm so glad that John and I get to do it together:)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Our Wedding Day

It's almost been two months since John and I were Where does the time go? I can't believe our wedding day came and went so fast! It was a day full of pure joy and happiness. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. We were married at 10:20 in the Salt Lake Temple. All of our close family and friends were there to show their love and support which meant so much to John and I. Later we had a reception at The Garden Place at This is the Place Heritage Park. It was the most amazing place for John and I. It was more than I ever could have imagined. All of the planning and preparation that took place paid off. Thanks to all of those who helped out! It turned out beautiful. After the reception we went up to Stein Eriksen Lodge for our honey moon which was so nice and relaxing, and we definitely needed that. We truly are so blessed. Now we have all of our fun memories and pictures to share from our magical day. I hope you enjoy our pictures, there's quite a few of them.

Mr. and Mrs. Varner


Kaden just stared

So happy

Taylor siblings and spouses

Varner siblings and spouses

Family and friends

Cousins! Love them


I love our rings


Handsome boy

So happy

This picture was hard for me to do ha

Love him

Giving some attitude


Love him

Beautiful bridesmaid

Pretty sisters and sister-in-law

Taylor Family

My amazing parents

Varner Family

John's amazing parents

John's groomsmen

Cool ring picture

Another cool ring picture

I loved our cake table

Loved our centerpieces

Our bubble gum table

My best sister friend Sister Jennifer Frost

Some of the details

The Garden Place

I had to take my boots off, they were killing me!

Cutting the cake

So in love with him

My daddy daughter dance was so fun

I was so nervous

Shaking his cute bummy

John is such a good dancer!


The end:)

We were able to capture all of our fun memories by using Travis J as our photographer. He was awesome!! Thank you so much we love all of our pictures!